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Most carding forums are placed in the Darknet where users go to obtain the sharing or stolen credit card information, as well as find out new techniques or methods to make carding themselves. Members of these forums discuss the most popular topics related to stolen cc use and most reliable vendors. However, there are plenty of scam platforms that all users have to avoid. Fraudulent stores do not deliver orders to customers, but they take payment and thus deceive people. Therefore, it is very important to choose a verified forum with trusted and reliable vendors. We prepared this review for those who are newbies in this carding topic, and who are looking for good vendors of carding and positive experience with the purchase. is one of the most popular carding forum where users discuss different themes related to the carding and share services for obtaining credit card details, as well as stolen electronics and even iPhones. If you are new in carding, you can find plenty of useful information in publications and articles from experienced members that tell you how to do carding, and how to use cc details properly. There are a lot of knowing techniques and methods about other types of getting money in a legit way collected. This exact carding forum is widely used among cyber criminals on the Darknet.

First of all, we decided to check the whois of the CARDINGFORUMS.WS domain as it can show us much about this web store. The domain name was created a year ago in October 2018. The head company is located in Germany. Moreover, we found out that this forum is running on vBulletin.

A few words about the website design. When you visit this carding forum, you see the black background as this website represents the part of the Dark Web. A skull with a hat on it and bucks in hands is a logo of the company that is called Darknet Forum. Next to the logo, you can see a slogan that says: “The team of top-level carders”. The interface of the home page looks pretty understandable. There are placed some tabs at the top of the first page, including Escrow tracking, Verified sales, Escrow service, Escrow address, WU transfer. Each of the tabs contains relevant information and can help you to make an order or to find the needed information. Under the tabs, you can see some marks that declare: Trusted & Verified Vendors, Escrow Middleman Service, Deposit BTC to user Escrow Wallet, Exp. in 14 days.

To become members, you have to take all the general rules of the forum, which are mandatory. It is very common when forums set some rules for avoiding scams and preventing mess between users. Before signing up, every new user has to view and agree with the following provisions:

  • You have to respect the forum staff and other members.
  • You must write all the threads/posts in English.
  • You should remember that this forum is open to all ages and nationalities. 
  • You are forbidden to spam or abuse any member via thread, reply or private message.
  • You cannot start arguments or use abusive language via thread, reply or private message.
  • There is no referral ID or links to sign up on other websites in signatures/threads or replies.
  • You are forbidden to leave links in signatures that lead to other websites.
  • You are allowed to have only 1 account.

To Sign up and Login, you can on the homepage of the website. Don’t skip this procedure. Otherwise, you won’t get access to the most popular threads and discussions.

This carding forum consists of several sections: Home Administration, Underground market, Hacking Cave, Anonymity Cave, Darknet, Carders Cave, VIP section and others. Here you can find relevant information that simplifies the searching process. These sections make navigation through the website easier. However, only registered members have access to these sections to the full. 

The Darknet forums usually offer electronic hacking, credit card data, counterfeit USD notes, stolen Apple devices, etc. This carding forum is focused on carding details and techniques. Here you can find the most appropriate vendor, as well as stolen cc details. The most popular sellers marked as Trusted & Verified Vendor. If you see this “green” sign, you should pay attention to such vendors as 4Mine, Trosko, CCCs, Xakep. You can be sure that marked vendors are reliable. Everyone can become a Verified Vendor with a certain number of positive reviews. 

Also, has Escrow service, which is as a mediator between customers (users) and vendors of the platform. All the customers can be sure that their money will be refunded in case of fail from the vendor’s side. Detailed information related to escrow service is located in the Escrow Tracking, Escrow Address, and Escrow Service tabs. 

We decided to check the statistics of visiting this carding forum that turned out to be high – about 2000 users regularly come there. We also view some forums to see customer reviews that people leave after made orders from this store. Some of them were very positive, customers were satisfied with this service. Others left negative feedback about fraud and other misunderstandings. Summing up, we couldn’t make a conclusion about this carding forum. In general, it seems very reliable, but some negative reviews make us doubt.

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